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Online & saving time

The greatest obstacle families face in accessing tuition is TIME. Finding the time to travel to another appointment in between school, sports, music, dance, doctors and all the other commitments a busy family has can be overwhelming. It’s easy to put tuition at the bottom of our priorities list too when the last thing your child wants to do is more “school-work”.

Enter, Online Tuition.

Your child can get support from a real live tutor in English, Maths and Science, 1,2 or 3 times a week without leaving home at a time that suits your family. Stop dragging your kids around in the car and spend more time at home doing the things you want to be doing.

Many parents feel that the last thing their child needs is more time in front of a screen! But good online tuition doesn’t look or feel like “screen time” at all.

What is "Screen Time"?

× Screen time is passive

× Screen time is sedentary

× Screen time is a one-way dialogue

What is Good Online Tuition?

  • Good online tuition is active and engaging

  • Good online tuition will have your child moving and thinking

  • Good online tuition is a dynamic and challenging two way conversation

How does it work?

Online tuition typically happens via commercially available video conferencing platforms like Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Tutors meet in a live call with your child and have a lesson prepared to deliver using a mixture of old school and digital teaching strategies.

At Wings Tuition, we also record every online lesson and you receive a copy of the session within minutes of the session ending. You will be able to view some (if not all) of the content covered via collaborative documents in Google Docs or Notebook and you will have access to our Online Help Desk for homework help and inquiries outside your tuition sessions.

Online tuition sessions are active and engaging lessons, not passive screen time. Here’s some of the strategies we employ at Wings Tuition during online tuition sessions to ensure learners are engaged:

  • Teach and apply reflective listening skills

  • Conduct written work using E-Pen (student and teacher)

  • Conduct written work using Pencil and Paper into a dedicated tuition book (student)

  • Conduct written work on a physical whiteboard (student)

  • Provide worksheets and tasks sent as PDF via chat window

  • Engage in discussion and questioning with students

  • Kids teach the Teacher (consolidation task)

  • Use play based learning and games with the tutor

  • Use Google docs and collaborative tools

  • Instruct typing training using TTRS

  • Use timed exercises and drills

  • Encourage students to read aloud from the screen

  • Teacher and students can use screen sharing

  • Promote and instruct in study skills and positive learning hygiene

  • Apply consistent routines and schedules

  • Provide tutor continuity and consistency

Online tuition shouldn’t look like your child sitting behind a computer tapping away silently or passively listening to a stranger give a lecture.

During an effective online tuition lesson your child will move from one work area to another, they may stand then sit, they may shout or laugh out loud. During an online tuition session your child will smile, they will wonder, they will be challenged, they will ask questions, they will scratch their head, they will write, they will type and, in some cases, they may even sing.

If you are struggling to get your young person the help they need because time is against you, online tuition is a real, sustainable and highly effective alternative to dragging your children to another appointment every week.

Reclaim your time and get them connected with Wings' tutors online.



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