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Get set for online Tuition

Click the PDF file icon to download out Get Ready for Online Tuition Guide.

  • Position your child in a room that will have minimal foot traffic and noise in it during their session. Zaiden is sitting at the family dining table and his younger brother is restricted to another room during his lessons.

  • Ideally, your child will be seated in front of a wall mounted or easel mounted white board with pens and eraser ready to use.  You can see that Zaiden’s family have just used Command hooks to hold the board on the wall.

  • Ensure they are not sitting with their back to a window or glass door as the backlight will mean we can’t see their shiny faces and smiles. Zaiden is sitting in natural light from the side window in his home and it is perfect.

  • The camera should be pointing in such a way that the child can sit or stand and we will still have a good view of their face.  A wide shot is best. Zaiden has learned what size he needs to write so that we can read his writing.

  • Ensure that your child is using a full keyboard, if using an iPad (no recommended) a bluetooth keyboard is a must have.  We may also do typing practice with you child so learning keyboard skills on a real keyboard is essential.

This is how we like to see your child online.

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